Magazzini Generali di Cesena can store organic products as it is certified with n ° G680. Organic farming is a production method defined and regulated at Community level by the EC Regulation 834/07 and the EC application regulation 889/08.

ISO 9001

Magazzini Generali di Cesena is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. The standard specifies the requirements of a quality management system for an organization that needs to demonstrate its ability to regularly provide a service that meets the customer’s requirements and the applicable mandatory ones and that wishes to increase customer satisfaction. customer through the effective application of the system.


Magazzini Generali di Cesena has obtained the AEO FULL n ° IT AEOF 12 0504 certification. Community reliability and AEO / customs status are recognized to those who demonstrate compliance with customs obligations and criteria for the accounting system, financial solvency ; for the recognition of this status, compliance with adequate safety standards must also be demonstrated.

CE stamp

Magazzini Generali is authorized with Bollo CE IT 922 F. The CE stamp is a health authorization that allows the circulation of food of animal origin between the countries of the EU, it is therefore a community recognition assigned to the production premises of a production / marketing / storage of food of animal origin pursuant to REG. 853 / EC / 2004.

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How we work

Magazzini Generali Raccordati di Cesena operates in the belief that logic represents a preferential way to improve the supply, management and distribution of goods.

Our Advantage

The evolutions of an increasingly complex and complex market push companies to outsource the management of goods, transforming the fixed cost of the warehouse into variable cost , to be borne only in case of actual use and at the total discretion of the customer.

L ‘ outsourcing then translates into actual forecasts of inventory costs , allowing companies to focus solely on growing its business and selling, avoiding any problem related to the daily movements of goods , whether national, Community or foreign.

General Warehouse Raccordati of Cesena operates under the general warehouse regime , officially recognized by the Ministry of Finance.
This authorization makes it possible to issue, upon request of the depositor, deposit certificates , or securities representing the goods ( warrants and pledge notes).

The Warrant allows you to immediately realize the value of the products, obtaining advances from banks and credit institutions at a lower rate than those in force, precisely because the goods deposited at the General Warehouse Stores of Cesena represent a guarantee of pledge.

Choose a strategic location

Cesena, located in the heart of Romagna, is certainly a nerve center for the junction, because it is close to the main transport arteries.

The proximity to the port of Ravenna, the very easy and immediate access to the E-45 highway and the A-14 highway, constant flows of road freight transport, and last but not least the possibility of using the nearby railway stations, ensure customers ease of use of all commercial means of transport.

How We Started

Montalti , whose business has continued and evolved thanks to the management of Ing. Montalti Luigi .

Even today the Montalti family , in its third generation, manages the business.

The company enjoys a privileged position : located near all the main road transport routes, Magazzini Generali Raccordati di Cesena has an area entirely owned by more than sqm. 40,000, on which approximately sqm are built. 20,000 warehouses.

General Warehouses of Cesenahas developed and expanded its services over the years, reaching to cover the various sectors of the logistics chain :

  • The customs warehouse
  • The VAT tax warehouse
  • The excise tax warehouse
  • The national, community and foreign dry warehouse and warehouse The national, community and foreign
  • cold warehouse warehouse
  • The transport, shipment and distribution of goods (sea, land, air shipment house)
  • The movement of goods and the preparation of orders
  • The issue of deposit faiths
  • The customs operations
  • The supply of space for private individuals

The extremely complex offer makes Magazzini Generali di Cesena today a competitive reality capable of offering a single logistic direction , providing “variable cost” services, aimed at streamlining processes and optimizing costs.