Montalti , whose business has continued and evolved thanks to the management of Ing. Montalti Luigi .

Even today the Montalti family , in its third generation, manages the business.

The company enjoys a privileged position : located near all the main road transport routes, Magazzini Generali Raccordati di Cesena has an area entirely owned by more than sqm. 40,000, on which approximately sqm are built. 20,000 warehouses.

General Warehouses of Cesenahas developed and expanded its services over the years, reaching to cover the various sectors of the logistics chain :

  • The customs warehouse
  • The VAT tax warehouse
  • The excise tax warehouse
  • The national, community and foreign dry warehouse and warehouse The national, community and foreign
  • cold warehouse warehouse
  • The transport, shipment and distribution of goods (sea, land, air shipment house)
  • The movement of goods and the preparation of orders
  • The issue of deposit faiths
  • The customs operations
  • The supply of space for private individuals

The extremely complex offer makes Magazzini Generali di Cesena today a competitive reality capable of offering a single logistic direction , providing “variable cost” services, aimed at streamlining processes and optimizing costs.