The evolutions of an increasingly complex and complex market push companies to outsource the management of goods, transforming the fixed cost of the warehouse into variable cost , to be borne only in case of actual use and at the total discretion of the customer.

L ‘ outsourcing then translates into actual forecasts of inventory costs , allowing companies to focus solely on growing its business and selling, avoiding any problem related to the daily movements of goods , whether national, Community or foreign.

General Warehouse Raccordati of Cesena operates under the general warehouse regime , officially recognized by the Ministry of Finance.
This authorization makes it possible to issue, upon request of the depositor, deposit certificates , or securities representing the goods ( warrants and pledge notes).

The Warrant allows you to immediately realize the value of the products, obtaining advances from banks and credit institutions at a lower rate than those in force, precisely because the goods deposited at the General Warehouse Stores of Cesena represent a guarantee of pledge.

Choose a strategic location

Cesena, located in the heart of Romagna, is certainly a nerve center for the junction, because it is close to the main transport arteries.

The proximity to the port of Ravenna, the very easy and immediate access to the E-45 highway and the A-14 highway, constant flows of road freight transport, and last but not least the possibility of using the nearby railway stations, ensure customers ease of use of all commercial means of transport.